Racism at Work

It seems like the country is more comfortable vocalizing racism. I’ve seen a lot of posts about the rise in racist activity.

I want to share with you a great article to help to identify if this is going on at the place you work.




4-signs-that-racism-may-be-an-issue-in-your workplace

Share this information. It might be very helpful for someone dealing with racism on their job.

Are any of the 4 signs of racism happening on your job? Racism at work is very real.


2 thoughts on “Racism at Work”

  1. Excellent Article. I attended a conference that was on racism and stereo types given by a psychologist that described himself as a middle-aged Jewish White male.
    It was by far the most frank-in your face discussion on racism I have ever heard of. Racism and people given into
    stereo types is definitely in the work place. However, I found most that have observed it would rather look the other way instead of acknowledging it and speak out
    against it.

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