About Tamaria




Tamaria Allen is an entrepreneur, author, project manager, speaker and relationship strategist. She is the author of Stop Kidding Yourselves Ladies You Know You Want To Be Married. This is a book a to help people to find a great relationship.

She is passionate about helping people build and establish connections in their personal and professional life.

She is a coach and mentor, a speaker, and trainer. Her gift is to communicate in a way that is very simple and practical. Her passion is to help people get results.

Tamaria was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. She attended Howard University in Washington, D.C. where she studied Marketing. Upon graduation, she later received an MBA from the University of Maryland. 

She started her career in Sales and Marketing in Atlanta, GA. She consulted top fortune 500 companies on business software solutions. Later, she moved to back to the Washington, DC area and started working at the U.S. Census Bureau. There she currently works as a project manager.

Tamaria started writing, speaking, and blogging in 2009. She joined Toastmasters in 2006 in an effort to overcome a speech impediment. Not only did she overcome the impediment, but she ended up going through the Toastmasters program rapidly and earning the highest award-DTM within 3 years.

Presently, Tamaria has earned a Project Management Professional (PMP).

In her spare time, she enjoys traveling. Her best destinations are those to the beach. Her favorite beach destination is Aruba. Some of her favorite non-beach destinations are to England, Toronto, San Francisco, Denver, and New Orleans. She loves to go and explore all the great things the area has to offer.   

Tamaria is currently living in Maryland, with her husband, QA and two boys, Myles and Austin.

Tamaria can be reached via social media on the following sites: