Conflict is Inevitable: Managing Conflict in the Workplace and in your Personal Life



Welcome to my blog!!!

I started this blog to help people with professional and personal relationships. Relationships are key to enjoying life. It is my goal to provide valuable and practical content that will help you to improve all your relationships. By having great relationships, you will be able to live more fully.

For my first topic I will talk about conflict. For those of you that are in leadership, which should be all of you, leadership and conflict go hand-in-hand. Whenever you are in a position of leadership whether you are a manager or a parent, you are in a position where conflict is inevitable.

I know that conflict is not enjoyable, but if you are courageous and strategic, conflict can serve you in your mission of being a great leader.

Don’t fear conflict, just embrace it, and welcome it.

Conflict at your job is unavoidable. If you try to run or hid from it, good luck getting away. It’s only going to track you down and make your life miserable.

I’ve seen countless people try to avoid conflict at work. What happens is it will make the most savvy professionals breakdown and self-destruct. Why? Because conflict rarely resolved itself. If you think that time will make it go away, it won’t. Time generally only makes unresolved conflict worst.

The only way to successfully deal with or manage conflict is to developing effective conflict resolution skill sets. The alternative results in loss of productivity, increased stress, lack of creativity, the creation of barriers to cooperation and collaboration, and missed opportunities.

Has running from conflict helped you in the past? If yes, how so?

Have well have you managed conflict in the workplace or in your personal life?